Massage Services

MC Signature Therapeutic Massage

This is our special technique, releases painful, muscle tension, increase joints movement stress relief, promotes circulation and much more. We offer Shiatsu, Swedish, and Thai methods. We can recommend what may be best for you: Perhaps a strong deep tissue massage, or a treatment with hot stones or a deep muscle therapy oil? We want to work with you and find what is best for you.

Shiatsu Massage

Finger pressure massage provides deep tissue pain relief, the technique works on acupuncture points tissues, relaxing the body, get energy back in balance. recommend people like deep tissues massage and don’t want massage oil or lotion

​Thai Massage

Deep static and rhythmic pressure from the core of the massage, the receiver may be positioned in variety of yoga-like positions, promote joins movements, muscle stretch. recommend people like sports,

​Swedish Massage

With hot oil and so relax, stress gone right away, help chronic pain. recommend people like light to medium pressure

​Pregnancy Massage

Alleviates backaches, enhances sleep, reduces fatigue and swelling

​Reflexology Massage

Provides a special technique foot massage, restorative relaxation, decrease stress and anxiety, relieves toe and ankle, arch pain, and relieve some arthritis pain.

Lymphatic Drain Cellulite Massage

Special Herb Oil Massage
A clinical oil and technique to work on lymphatic system, cellulite control and detoxification

Essential Oil Therapeutic Massage

8-10 essential oil, one by one work on your body, to help stress management, immune support, reduce inflammation, over-all well being.​


MC Signature Massage

(Combo Deep Tissue)

30/60/90/120 minute | $55/90/130/170

Pregnancy Massage

60/90 minute | $85/125

​Swedish and Acupressure

30/60/90/120 | $55/85/125/165

​Shiatsu Massage (no oil or lotion)

30/60/90 minute | $55/90/130

​Thai Massage

30/60/90 minute | $55/90/130

​Sports Massage

30/60 minute | $55/85

Lymphatic Drain Cellulite Massage

90-120 minute | $155/$180

​Essential Oil Therapeutic Massage

60/90/120 minute | $125/165/205



30/60 minute | $50/$75

Add On Services/Items

Cupping Therapy: $25

Aromatherapy oil: $15

Hot Stone: $15

Deep Muscle Therapy oil: $10

CBD Therapy Ointment: $20

Hand Paraffin Mask: $20

Foot Paraffin Mask: $20

Foot Scrub: $10

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